New Skin for the Old Ceremony

WT studio room and kitchen
1. Method of Focusing
2. Grey Heron
3. Contemplative Ritual of the Boiling Water
4. Cooking Orchestra
5. Imaginary ping-pong

Park Sonsbeek
6. De Tegenspraak
7. Drink water, my friend
8. Shards/Interruptions
9. Spells for a New Century
10. 1 to 24

WALTER books
11. These creatures
12. Best Sunday ever
13. "Lower" Opera
14. Put your breath into it
15. Saying Without Seeing
16. How to become the shore using two hands and a carpet
17. A Spoken inventory of books

LAB 111
18. ↑=↓
19. Standing Ovation Gradient
20. Invisible Spaces
21. It isn’t really a true confessional after all
22. Four/Ten
23. Our last night together

24. Listen to the rain or eating apple in a sunny day
25. A Walk of Trust and Digestion
26. Merry-go-round-robin
27. Very slow bathroom memory game
28. Four birds facing four directions say one, two, three, go

Phantom Radio
29. A call and maybe a reply

New Skin for the Old Ceremony is a monthly exercise based on score and body. The output will be dispersed via the air as a form of sound, or silence.

Method of Focusing

by Seo kyung Kim

Duration: 5 min, or 10 min if advanced
Performer(s): Oriol

① Sit down with your spine straight, don't lean
② Relax
③ Put your hands on your thigh
④ From now on, keep in mind that your focus point is on the tip of your nose, and that you focus on every point you breathe in and breath out [breathe in out in out in out in out in out]
⑤ breathe in and feel the chill/fresh air touch the outline of your nostrils and area around it
⑥ breathe out and feel the warm air going out from the tip of your nose
⑦ Repeat ⑤,⑥
⑧ When you lose your focus on the tip of your nose, which means you think about something else, just notice what your thought was and come back to the tip of your nose

Grey Heron

by Terezie Štindlová

Duration: ∞ the whole evening
Performer(s): Qihang, later everyone

Observe today’s ceremony through eyes of a grey heron, from a top of a tree.
The “trees” are spread out in: studio room, kitchen, sauna.
The “trees” stay trees for the rest of the day.
The tree is always happier when there are herons on top, looking down and observing.
The score is not time limited, it starts now, but lasts through the whole evening.
*Anyone can be a heron!*

Imagine you are a grey heron.
Walk with carefulness, move slowly.
Your goal is to stay on the top of the tree.
You can vary between the trees, change your perspective anytime you feel like it.

Contemplative Ritual of the Boiling Water

by Oriol Cabarrocas

Duration: Depend on the kettle and the amount of water
Performer(s): Seo Kyung Kim

1. Write the name of someone or something you want to make present in the paper at the end of the bag
2. Find a quiet space
3. Put enough water for a cup of tea in the kettle
4. Hold the tea bag on your left hand, press the button with your right hand
5. While the water heats up, try to keep the image of what you write before in your head
6. Let the sound affect the image, how is it modified?
7. When the kettle stops, liberate the image of your head
8. Say thanks to the kettle
9. Prepare the tea
10. Drink it

Cooking Orchestra

by Oriol, Seo, Terezie

Duration: 2 hours
Performer(s): Everyone

1. Open the mysterious box
2. Cook a dish based on the picture(s) inside
3. Try to make it as similar as possible
4. Use only the available ingredients
5. If in doubt, consult with conductor(s)
6. Don't consult with google
7. Name the final dish
8. Enjoy!

Portsmouth Sinfonia was founded by a group of students from Portsmouth University in 1970.
Even if the group worked as a real orchestra, we can understand their experiment in performance art.

To become a member of the Portsmouth orchestra there was a few rules you had to follow:
1. You couldn't have musical training or, if you had, you had to play an instrument that was entirely new to you.
2. You had to take the rehearsals seriously, the whole idea was not to make a joke or something funny (even if it was part of the result), but rather try to achieve a professional level.

Imaginary ping-pong

by Yara Veloso

Duration: 4 minutes
Performer(s): min 4 (2 players, 2 audience members)

divided the group in two:
half is chearing for player A
the other half for player B

the two players have no balls or rackets, but they will play ping-pong and imagine the ball is there

when the ball hits the table they will make a sound, like a "click"

if you miss the ball, you miss the ball and you have to go find it

the audience will cheer for their player, see where the ball is going and maybe even sometimes, help the player find it

a "click"

holding your racket

De Tegenspraak

by Mirelle van Tulder

Duration: approx 10 mins
Performer(s): Natnapat, Mirelle, Qihang, Jan-Pieter, Jan-Pieter, Philipp

De tegenspraak was written in 2019. Today we will put a new skin on it.
The contradiction/counterspeech forms a reason, for reflections on truth, panic and the futility of doubt.

Each performer receives a stack of cards with poems from the tegenspraak.
Each performer chooses a poem (all in dutch) and reads it out loud (try) to another performer.
She/he/they then responds with another poem from her/his/their card.
Creating a conversation in a language unknown to most. Drawing interpretations on each card is allowed.
The conversation continues until at least everyone spoke six poems.

Drink water, my friend

by Jiahui Feng

I said, empty your mind.
Be Water, my friend.
Empty your mind.
Be formless, shapeless, like water.
You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.
You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle.
You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.
Now, water can flow or it can crash.
Be water my friend.

Hearing people's actions is more intimate than seeing, touching or smelling them.
Our body have more than 70% is water, how to hear the flow?

① Asking your friend to drink 500ml water.
② Getting close to your friend, put your ear at your friend's neck, which is the best place to hear the sound of water flowing continuously into friend's body.
③ Recording the sound as the certificate of you and your friend's friendship!

Drink water as a blessing
as a way to hear
to enhance
to make sure
to maintain life
to continue the ultimate trip
to keep going
to breath
to see
to smell
to think
to float inside other's body
to be continue


by Kai Udema

(#1: Outside Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem)
(#2: Ronde weide, Sonsbeek Park)
Duration: 10 – 15 min.

A glass object
A hamer
A conductor
Musicians (the audience)

No talking during the performance.

1 The conductor takes position on a location of choice.
2 The musicians take a position within hearing-distance around the conductor, more or less evenly spaced.
3 The conductor destroys the glass object with the hammer or in another fashion.
4 The musicians listen attentively to the noise and what the space that surrounds it does to it.
5 When the conductor gives a signal, the musicians pick a glass shard and take a piece of clay, and fixate the clay on a spot around the source of the sound, to make an imprint in it with the shard. As a group, the musicians are responsible to alter the environment with a visual impression of the just perceived sound.
6 The performance is finished when all shards have been used.

Spells for a New Century

by Vennica Sidibanga Kaseye

(a plot)
Performing Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditation I: Teach Yourself To Fly.

“Any number of persons sit in a circle facing the center.
Illuminate the space with dim blue light.
Begin by simply observing your own breathing.
Always be an observer.
Gradually allow your breathing to become audible.
Then gradually introduce your voice.
Allow your vocal cords to vibrate in any mode which occurs naturally.
Allow the intensity to increase very slowly.
Continue as long as possible naturally, and until all others are quiet, always observing your own breath cycle.”

(a location)
Steile Tuin, Park Sonsbeek

(the protagonists)
Natnapat Kullananant
Mirelle van Tulder
Kai Udema
Jiahui Feng
Vennica Sidibanga Kaseye
Qihang Li

(an occasion)
New Skin for the Old Ceremony

1 to 24

by Natnapat Kullananant

Duration: 10 mins
Performer(s): Everyone

1. open your voice memo/ voice recording app on your phone.
2. press record button, don't look at the duration, count 1 to 24 slowly. then stop recording.
3. press record button again, don't look at the duration, count 1 to 24. count faster this time. then stop recording.
4. press record button again. don't look at the time. count 24 seconds (your ideal seconds). then stop recording.

These creatures

by Sixin Chen

① One person, need to collaborate with another two.
② To gesture your hand with two different person
③ Overlapping to create negative space
④ Total person X-1, left one person to trace all the shape hands, created and mark thier made name of ( ) this new creature, and date of birth
⑤ Complete ID files with shapes

Best Sunday ever

by Theetat Thunkijjanukij

It's "Best Sunday ever", with all of you, until the ice-cream all melted, we will all eat "BEN & JERRY'S Cookie Dough" after 3 scores.

"Lower" Opera

by Amira Prescott

Duration: Unknown
Performer(s): At least 3

· Each performer goes and picks a book they have not red before
· Performers form a circle
· When everyone is there, every performer opens thier book, it can be the 1st page or a random page and begin to read aloud.
· Performers decide how long they read aloud, but it is no more than 1 page.
· Performers can read aloud however they choose eg. quiet, slow, singing, loudly, low, high
· It ends when everyone is finished reading aloud.

Put your breath into it

by Amira Prescott

Duration: Unknown
Performer(s): At least 3

Reference/inspired by Jean-Thomas Tremblay Breath/Measure/Commons

· Every performer has a balloon and their breath for instruments
· Use your breath to inflate the balloon
· Wait until all performers have finished inflating their balloon
· Let the breath out of the balloon in whatever way you choose. eg. slowly, quickly, all at once, in spurts
· It is done when all breath has been released from the balloons

* One performer has a pin + must use it

Saying Without Seeing

by Johanna Himmelsbach

Duration: 6 minutes
Performer(s): Theetat Thunkijjanukij

Je ne pala pas français

Theetat: press play and isten to the sounds spoken in your ears. You know those are words, but they come to you merely as shapes of words. Repeat all the shapes as quick, clear and loud as you can.

Audience: while the text goes from meaning to form, listen to the sounds and try to visualise them.

"Je ne pala pas français" is one sentence Theetat visualises in French. While I assume he will be speaking without seeing, I am also curious to know if Theetat will see some words, or shapes.

Is Theetat suddenly speaking French?
The score may happen at the junction of xenoglossia and glossolalia.
The first phenomenon is describing the sudden faculty to speak a language without learning it. The second is speaking a language that has the appearance of a foreign language, unknown to the person speaking, or saying a succession of incomprehensible syllables.

And maybe after this French imprint, Theetat will wake up in 10 years from now, suddenly reciting a few French philosophy sentences.

How to become the shore using two hands and a carpet

by Qihang Li

based on Cevdet Erek’s book SSS How to imitate the sound of the shore using two hands and a carpet

recall the last time you went to the beach. set up a field recorder, one puts the hands on the carpet to imitate the sounds of water making contact with land, the other puts on headphones and listens, let yourself be the shore, and the next person listens.

A Spoken inventory of books

by Zuzana Kostelanská

Duration: Variable
Performer(s): Everyone

1. Pick a starting point. This can, for example, be the entrance to a space.
2. Say out loud the location, date, and time, in order to mark the beginning of the inventory.
3. Start reading out loud whatever you see written on the book. Do not pick up or move the book, read only what you can see. If the book is on the shelf and you only see the spine, read the spine. If the book repeats, read it out loud as many times as it repeats. If the book is displayed with the front cover facing up, read the front cover. If the book is partly covered by another book, read whatever you can see without moving it.
4. When one person gets tired from reading, another person continues.
5. Make sure to read out loud and therefore capture all the books that are present in the space.
6. Once finished, say out loud the end time of the inventory.


by Jan-Pieter Karper

Duration: 10 minutes
Performer(s): Jan-Pieter and audience

· Audience split in two and linked to each other in pairs

· If one of the pair sits, the other one has to stand making the the theatre chairs go up and down

· I'll be the conductor (:

Standing Ovation Gradient

by Emma Hazen

- Sit in the chairs in the movie theatre, let spread out. One person should be at each edge, at least.

- When the light shines on you, stand up and clap. If you are sitting in the front, clap softer, in the back, clap as loud as possible. Create a gradient of applause.

- When the light goes off you, sit down, stop clapping.

Invisible Spaces

by Eva van Bemmelen

Duration: 4 mins
Performer(s): Everyone

Reading example:





TAB »#





komma komma haaa m-dash-n-dash



It isn’t really a true confessional after all

by Young Eun Park

Duration: Depending on the number of participants
Inspiration: Wisdom from Strangers | Daniel Everett | TEDxPenn
Method: Telephone game / the messenger game
(this is a popular word play for children over the world)

- Close your eyes
- A performer with secret message (or note) delivers the secret to the next performer in a whisper*
- The following performers should try to copy the words exactly as possible from the first performer without seeing the eyes and mouth.
- When the secret turn a full circle, then the last performer opens the secret (or note), which was also delivered in hand. In the note, the secret is written (translated) in English.
- Please keep in silence, and whisper it (what it was written) Shhhhhh

*The whisper denotes a limit noise, an impossible noise, the noise of what, because it works perfectly, does not produce noise; to whisper is to let the same evaporation of noise be heard: the faint, the confused, the shaken are received as signs of sound cancellation. And as for the language, can you whisper?
From The Rustle of Language by Roland Barthes.

This is a secret...
"Don't sleep, there are snakes"
is ab expression, what Pirahas say 'good night'. They believe that by sleeping less they can "harden themselves", and they know that danger is all around them in the jungle.


by Philipp Hesselberger

Ten minutes


/A dimly lit room
/Comfortable seating positions, arranged in pairs
/Leave one meter space in between the two seating positions of a pair

/Draw a lot
/Find the person with the same number on the lot as you
/Take a free seating position across of each other
/Wait for the signal
/Look the person across of you in the eye
/Don’t shift your gaze
/Don’t talk
/Wait for the signal that ends the performance

Locking eyes with another person for four minutes will deepen each other’s connection.
Locking eyes with another person for ten minutes and more will lead to dissociations in your perception.
You will experience visual disorientation.
Keep on going to connect to your subconscious, meditate, open up to yourself and the person across of you.

Listen to the rain or eating apple in a sunny day

by Kaixin Chen

3-5 mins

1. If it rains, everyone go to the kitchen to get a cooking pan. Put it over your head, go into the rain, and listen the sound of the rain.
2. If it is not rain, I will give everyone one piece of apple, and one piece of orange skin. Eating the apple while smell the orange skin.

A Walk of Trust and Digestion

by So-Yeon Kim

Duration: 10 minutes
Performers: All who have eaten diploma lunch

Find a partner

One will be closing the eyes (closer)
The other will be guiding (guider)

[Closer]: Before closing the eyes, hold one hand of the guider.
Use your thumb to hold the guider's hand as shown in the image.
This is an acupuncture point for digestion, you can adjust the pressure.

Now the both of you can walk slowly to the end of the speelplaats.
Try not to speak.
Continue to hold hands.

[Closer]: As your eyes are closed, notice the sound of your and your partner's footsteps.
And the sounds of the street, of the wind. Notice the sensation on your skin.

[Guider]: Walk yourself and your partner in your own pace to the other end.
Notice how the pressure of your partner's thumb on your hand is changing.
Once you are arrived, ask your partner to open their eyes.

Switch your roles to walk back to the other side.


by Raoul Audouin

Date: Tuesday 20 September 2022
Performers: all the public (must the people with kinship)
Duration: 30 seconds * performers

Two lines of people facing each other.
Everyone hugs everyone following a round-robin schedule.

① A hugs H, B hugs G, C hugs F, D hugs E.
② A stays at the same spot, all the others rotate.
③ A hugs G, H hugs F, B hugs E, C hugs D.
④ Repeat ② and ③ until everyone has hugged.

When performers are uneven, the person who is alone does not hug anyone for one turn.

Very slow bathroom memory game

by Marianne Noordzij

Date: September 23
Performers: everyone in the WT building
Duration: until the last person leaves

the person with a 'drop' symbol on their paper writes down a task/quest on the paper (doesn't tell anyone) in the upstairs toilet (without anyone noticing!)
the next person (that uses the bathroom takes the note) will executes this which after writing a task for the next person.
for writing a task you need to describe an action inspired by a habit of one of us. thinking extremely BIG, or super small, fun
if you can't execute the task you have to fill the biggest cup in the kitchen and drink it w/water

Four birds facing four directions say one, two, three, go

by Mijia Wang

* 2022-09-23
* us
* ~ 10 min

* focus on the hole and walk straight ahead until it vanishes

A call and maybe a reply

by Paul Elliman

Wind and two birds, score for a performance, combing any two sounds on a windy day.

February 12th 2022 WT studio room and kitchen, March 12th 2022 Park Sonsbeek, April 16th 2022 WALTER books, May 23rd 2022 LAB 111, September 23rd 2022 Speelplaats

New Skin for the Old Ceremony welcomes you to use, to modify or to destroy the scores. But you must really submerge yourself until the effects of these experiments finally come to the fore. New Skin for the Old Ceremony is a project initiated by Qihang Li. Contributions by Year 22 and Year 23 of Werkplaats Typografie. Hosted by Phantom Radio.